Microsoft Cloud Technologies & Solutions

Microsoft Azure

One of the leading cloud computing services created by Microsoft with the purpose of managing and building applications and services which are required on a huge network scale.

Commonly known as a software as a service or a platform as a service. This technology is very popular amongst businesses due to it impeccable capabilities such as third-party software’s, multiple programming languages and a variety of tools and frameworks.

Office 365

This is a collection of various services and software’s created by Microsoft including a number of well known pieces of software including; OneDrive, Microsoft Office and Exchange Servers. This technology comes with a number of different options and plans which are created for individuals, small businesses and large enterprises.

Where this technology gets slightly more complication is with Office 365 Migration. Although this can appear daunting to many, there are solutions available to individuals and businesses to make this technology beneficial to your business, our cloud migration specialist are Microsoft Certified partners that will be able to help your business in London, Nottingham or Birmingham.









RG-AV Nexus Services

Any effective protection equipment needs to react immediately in order to protect and secure the users. The injuries can be severe if the protection is not efficient enough...

Today new viruses are spreading faster and faster as they continue to exploit vulnerabilities found in popular applications. The development has shown how inefficient traditional signature based antivirus tools are in the fight against these upcoming threats- leading to the only viable solution, a proactive solution designed to protect against new and unknown viruses. language course

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In order to satisfy the need for real-time protection, Nexus delivers defence systems that do not rely on definition files, but are alert and accurate enough to stop new and unknown viruses in addition to the familiar ones, the moment they enter the system

We are one of the select few sites on the Internet that actually allow you to build your systems online using a system builder that gives you immediate pricing and ordering capabilities

Anti-virus not enough, says data expert - "Protecting against data loss amounts to more than simply "plonking in" anti-virus software, a data expert has warned."

We believe that the only way to build lasting excellence in any organisation is through its people. It is our responsibility to harness the latest technology to provide you with the tools you need to run your organisation more effectively and efficiently to the benefit of your customers, your staff, and your shareholders.

Cerberus Anti Virus Filter Spam free mailboxes!

Cerberus Virus filter

The best way to protect your network against email viruses is to check emails before they reach you. Knowall offer a virus scanning service - at source, which can be incorporated into your email hosting. With Knowall's Cerberus Anti virus Service, all inbound mail on your domain name is scanned for viruses. When a virus is detected Cerberus will clean or quarantine the infected item saving you any business disruption.

Real Time Updates

Knowall's Cerberus Anti virus Service offers Real Time updates, to keep you protected from the most current viruses. Unlike most anti-virus solutions that update only weekly or daily, our anti-virus solution is backed up by the leading anti-virus providers who provide our updates to our virus definition files in real time, every time

Frequent Updates

The source updates at least twice a day with new virus threats. This means that a virus can be blocked within just a few hours of its release. Knowall are also party to emergency updates delivered straight from the Anti-Virus providers.


Bounce Messages

Identified virus mail is bounced back to the sender, rather than forwarded to the user. This means less junk in your inbox, and genuine senders are informed that their PC may be infected. Falsified sender addresses are detected and ignored.

Spam Filter RV-AV.COM 2017

FBI spyware not Skype responsible for spilling MegaUpload secrets

FBI investigators may have infected MegaUpload's computers with spyware so as to monitor Skype and email messaging, it's been suggested, with sources within the Microsoft-owned VoIP company claiming it was not asked to turn over conversation logs

Nexus Security 6 single user is now available as a Community Technical Preview, which you may evaluate and comment upon during its finalization.

Our system builders allow you to build the system from the basics and only add what you want to add, if you want a little more memory, then you can add that without having to add anything else. You will find that it works out a lot cheaper this way.

Nexus launches new tool to fight spy ware!kn security threats.

The amount of spyware is increasing with tremendous speed. These days 80 % of all PCs are infected with some sort of spyware, with an average of 24.4 spies pr infected computer. Nexus is now launching the new Nexus Ad-Aware SE Enterprise, a tool for detection, prevention and protection of spyware for networks. uses latest spyware and anti virus solution to protect its customers.

About RG Software

RG Software, established in 1984, and now in 2015 it is the larger supplier of spam filters in the UK. We are a pioneer developer in the anti-spam and anti spam software industry and has remained focused on spam protection since 1989, providing its highly effective products Vi-Spy and No More #*!$ spam to corporate, academic and government institutions. Umbrella company

Nexus, the data security company, today launched the Windows Vista version of its spam control software. Nexus spam Control (NVC) version 5.90 has been developed to support the specific features of the new generation of Microsoft’s operating systems. It includes Nexus’s world leading SandBox proactive protection technology, which protects the computer from new and unknown

Nexus Security version 6 single user - Community Technical Preview

Nexus Security (NSec) 6 is a new suite of security products. The first version of Nexus Sec includes; Antispam, Personal Firewall and Parental Control.

Secure your email communication!

Email is vital for all business regardless of size. Spam, spam and phishing attacks are advancing threats to this communication tool with most threats coming as day zero attacks. Defend your communications with the best proactive tools for email security delivered as either Managed Service, Appliance or Software - whatever suits you best.


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