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Any effective protection equipment needs to react immediately in order to protect and secure the users. The injuries can be severe if the protection is not efficient enough...

Today new viruses are spreading faster and faster as they continue to exploit vulnerabilities found in popular applications. The development has shown how inefficient traditional signature based antivirus tools are in the fight against these upcoming threats- leading to the only viable solution, a proactive solution designed to protect against new and unknown viruses. language course

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In order to satisfy the need for real-time protection, Nexus delivers defence systems that do not rely on definition files, but are alert and accurate enough to stop new and unknown viruses in addition to the familiar ones, the moment they enter the system

We are one of the select few sites on the Internet that actually allow you to build your systems online using a system builder that gives you immediate pricing and ordering capabilities

Anti-virus not enough, says data expert - "Protecting against data loss amounts to more than simply "plonking in" anti-virus software, a data expert has warned."

We believe that the only way to build lasting excellence in any organisation is through its people. It is our responsibility to harness the latest technology to provide you with the tools you need to run your organisation more effectively and efficiently to the benefit of your customers, your staff, and your shareholders.

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